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T. Vilarrubias is a company specialising in Papermaking and Paper Converting Machinery.

Founded by Josep Vilarrubias Soteras in 1929, as a mechanical workshop for the construction and repair of machinery, it was originally located at 2, Vall Street, in Carme (Barcelona).

It is currently managed by the third generation, with premises covering a surface area of more 3,000 m2, being located on the road from La Pobla de Claramunt to Carme and OrpĂ­, at the 5.8 km mark, on the boundary between those two villages, and in a traditional papermaking area, 60 km outside Barcelona.

T. Vilarrubias has its own engineering, as well as 70 years of accumulated experience, with its own tooling machinery. It also specializes in grinding rolls of widths up to 7m, including optional crown and other services, if so required.

Our mission is to help customers to obtain more effective production by providing them with our experience and know-how in customised projects, with the high level of Quality, Flexibility and Efficiency today's markets require.